Our mentorship concept relies on a simple database linking our community to your help. With the high turnover of committee members we are having inside the club, it is necessary for us to have a simple relation with our mentors and partners.

Mentors can be professionals or students with specific skills (e.g. legal, prototyping, financing, business development, marketing).

By registering in our database, you will be visible to our community with your email address. If a member of our community has a specific question and would like help, she/he will be able to contact you through us.

If you would like to help the Entrepreneur Club’s projects with your field of expertise, we would be very happy to have you on board. If you are doing the mentorship under the name of your company, we can in exchange add your logo on our website under partners.

Interested to be part of this? You can simply fill out this form and we will come back to you for the next steps.